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    It lets you see and appreciate, in an inspirational and informational glance, the myriad human needs in the community—and then lets you act on that knowledge,in a uniquely impactful way.

  • We put great programs on the map

    Need does not restrict itself to one neighborhood, one city, one region of our state. Understanding this, St. Vincent de Paul has mobilized 13 powerful, far-reaching programs across Central and Northern Arizona.

    Hard times are felt across the map, often without warning, always with a plea for reprieve. Together, we are pledged to answer the call to Feed, Clothe, House, and Heal our fellow human beings. Without judgement, and with all due speed.

    St. Vincent de Paul’s Points of Giving
    • Feed.
    • House.
    • Clothe.
    • Heal.
    • Food Banks