Clinic For a Day

$5,400 Funds the Clinic at our Downtown Campus for a Day.

  • If you’re one of the patients who have called St. Vincent de Paul a lifesaver (and a smilesaver) for years, our services are a Godsend. We tend to important medical issues for those who cannot afford it with understanding and dignity. In a given day—the day you sponsor, for instance—we provide more than 50 medical and dental appointments for people without insurance. We make sure every one of those dates with a doctor, dentist, or nurse absolutely corresponds to the most critical need. In addition to treating those who are sick, we make sure that people get healthy and stay healthy.

  • Our family wellness program teaches parents and children nutrition and exercise habits to improve and maintain their health. Our reach extends beyond patients too. We work with local medical and dental schools to train the next generation of doctors, nurses and medical professionals who are passionate about community health. And because of the philosophy of our clinic, which is to not only to cure bad health, but to curate good health, your day of generosity will keep on giving for years to come.