Ministries for a day

$1,500 sponsors our programs for the homeless & Working poor for a day.

  • We call many of our most remarkable programs ministries because they minister to our neighbors who require our help most—with language skills, motivational seminars, occupational training, transportation to work, even a ticket back to a hometown, where second chances await. Most of these programs operate right from our downtown Phoenix campus, a hub of service where countless members of our community receive a fresh start in life. Here homeless guests can fulfill their basic needs, like hot showers, clean clothing, and nutritious food.

  • Those who are ready for next steps meet with counselors for job and housing referral. Working poor families receive emergency assistance with rent and utilities. We also help them with budgeting and better employment. On an average day, we see about 200 guests—150 receiving direct service from us and 50 receiving referral to other resources. Your sponsorship will make them your guests, too.