Ozanam Manor for a Day

$2,300 Sponsors a day at ozanam, home to disabled or senior adults.

  • When the homeless men and women enter the safety of Ozanam Manor, they breathe a great sigh of relief—from the tough luck some of them have been having to the harsh reality of just trying to make ends meet when you don’t know where to begin. Of course this is transitional housing and your sponsorship plays a critical part in the steady transformation of each guest. The only thing better than staying at Ozanam Manor is leaving it to move into your own home, knowing you have a whole life ahead, one that you can steer through and pay for yourself.

  • A stopover at Ozanam Manor is also a lesson in loving—oneself and one’s new friends—and learning the art of making the most out of every moment. What you’re sponsoring is a day of special, life-affirming experience indeed, where morale is as valued as results and residents are paired with mentors to help counsel and encourage them during their transition.